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I Run to You- A Chillary Fanfic

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Chapter Three

Hey, whatcha drinking, baby?

When you have nothing to do, an hour can feel like a lifetime.

For Dave, Charles, and Hillary being stranded somewhere in rural West Virginia was excruciating. The sun was in the highest position for the day making the heat unbearable. They would have waited in the bus, but because it wouldn’t start the air conditioner wouldn’t work. It was at least twenty degrees hotter in there; well, that’s what Dave had said when he dared to retrieve his favorite red guitar from his bunk. With nothing else to do, they simply jammed. Time seemed to speed up, although each swore they’d spent at least three hours in the sun before the tow truck and rental cars arrived.

“Finally!” Charles groaned relieved as the bus was hooked up to the industrial-sized tow. He glanced over to Hillary, who was chatting with a man from the company, then to Dave, who was obviously on the phone with Kelli. Charles thought for a moment. Should he call Cassie? She already knew of the delay because of the bus, and he was sure if he called he’d get bitched at for “wasting my valuable time with useless information.” He hated the way she changed while he was away. His stomach twisted. Could she be-? No, she wouldn’t, Charles was sure of that. He could have laughed. Here he was hoping to be with Hillary and worrying that Cassie would be the one cheating. What irony!

After getting the company’s information, Hillary thanked the tow truck driver for coming out to the middle of nowhere to pick up their bus. He said it was no problem, complimented her on her singing, and was off. She figured he must not enjoy small talk, or he really wanted to get to work. Perhaps both. Maybe he didn’t particularly like talking to women about cars? Charles was staring off into space, so he wouldn’t have done it, and Dave had called Kelli the minute the truck came into view. Which reminded her, she needed to call Chris! Not that she really wanted to, she just felt that she should check in with him. Let him know they were mobile again. She pulled out her phone and dialed his number. ‘Strange,’ she thought. ‘It went straight to voicemail.’ She tried again. No luck. Hillary didn’t worry too much; he was probably practicing or out performing. She jumped when Charles tapped her shoulder. “Ready to go?” Now she had been the one lost in her thoughts.

“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m ready.” Charles let her to the rental car and held open the passenger door. Hillary blushed. “Thank you.”

“No problem.” Charles smiled before closing the door, entering the car on the driver’s side. Dave pulled up next to them.

“I’m just going straight home,” he said. “Henry caught a ride with the tow truck driver and is bringing the bus back as soon as it’s ready.”

Charles nodded. “Alright. See ya later, man.”

“Bye Dave!” Hillary called after him. He drove off into the afternoon sun.

The engine roared to life. Cool air blasted from the vents, pleasantly hitting both Hillary and Charles in the face. They started forward. Even though they had achieved their goal to be alone together, neither one of them could think of anything to say to the other. Dave would usually get the ball rolling talking about his beloved Kelli and politely asking how Chris and Cassie were, but Charles and Hillary did not want to talk about their spouses now. Not when each was secretly in love with the other. The silence dragged on. Hillary cautiously reached for the radio. “Do you mind?” she asked timidly.

“Not at all,” Charles replied keeping his eyes on the road. She flipped the switch, pleased to find it was already set on the country station.

A familiar tune started to play.

Charles’s lips curled into a smile. As the introduction ended he began to sing.
“Girl, you’re beautiful.
You’re ‘bout near perfect.
But I bet somebody’s already told you that.
Name your poison.
Name your passion.
Cause a boy like me just couldn’t help but ask.”

Hillary couldn’t resist.
“Keep on talking to me, baby.
I’m hanging on your every word.
Keep those drinks a coming maybe.
We’ll both get what we deserve!”

"How ‘bout baby, we make a promise:
To not promise anything more than one night.
Complicated situations only get worse in the morning light.
Hey, I’m just lookin’ for a good time!”

“Put in a long hard week doing this 9 to 5.
And you’re just the girl to get that off my mind.
You shouldn’t ‘ve worn that dress.
You shouldn’t dance like that.
You got this little heart of mine in overdrive!”

“I sure love this conversation.
The band is good, the music’s loud.
But would you get the wrong impression if I called us a cab right now?”

“How ‘bout baby, we make a promise:
To not promise anything more than one night.
Complicated situations only get worse in the morning light.
Hey, I’m just lookin’ for a good time!”

“Go ahead and lie to me and pull me close.”

“Tell me that you love me even if you don’t.”

“The rule is don’t you ever even talk about forever, but you never say never in life…!”

“How ‘bout baby, we make a promise:
To not promise anything more than one night.
Complicated situations only get worse in the morning light.
Hey, I’m just lookin’ for a good time!
Hey, I’m just lookin’ for a good time…!”

The minute the song ended Hillary and Charles burst into laughter.

“Aw Hills, that was great.” Charles turned to her for a brief second, his smile wide. “I forgot how much fun just the two of us could have.”

She giggled. “Me too, Charles.”

The ride continued on smoothly.

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